Services and pricing

Life Nutrition offers a range of Individual and Group consultations. These will either be conducted at my office when we get set up in Adelaide, or if you prefer, at your home or business. Out of office visits will generally incur an additional $20-40 travel fee (distance/time based).

If you are ready to make an appointment with us, please do not hesitate to contact Carla on 0438 100 631, or or even via our Facebook or Instagram pages

2019 Pricing and Services:

  • Individual initial appointment (50 minutes): $85
  • Group appointments:
    • Extra attendee: An additional 20 minutes and $40 is allowed for each extra attendee
    • Corporate or large groups:  Varies – please contact Life Nutrition for a quote
  • Review appointments (30 minutes): $50
  • Additional body composition analysis and/or ‘mini-review’ (15 minutes): $25
  • Personalized, tailored, 14 day meal plan: $130
  • “Healthy Choices’ Supermarket Tours 
    • 1-2 people (90-100 mins): $160
    • 3 people (120 mins): $180 

GIFT CARDS: Speak to us about our lovely gift cards. Such a unique gift may particularly appreciated by expectant or new mothers who wish to optimise their dietary intake, learn about infant nutrition or who may be already be struggling with a fussy eater.


Want to know more about what to expect at our consultation?

Individual Consultation

When it comes to optimising nutritional intake, there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It’s the desperate search for a ‘silver bullet’ to fast track your way to health or weight-loss which is making so many pharmaceutical companies, creators of fad diets and ‘wellness gurus’ rich at your expense. If you are sick of throwing your hard-earned money at false hope, and dizzy from riding the dieting merry-go-round, then please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us to discuss real solutions. We understand that nutritional or behavioural changes that may suit one client and allow them to reach their health goals may be quite the opposite to what another client needs and indeed, your own needs and approaches to nutrition are likely to change over time.

Life Nutrition treats every client as a true individual and we tailor our nutritional advice and implementation strategies accordingly. We have a wide variety of tools and resources to translate quality dietary advice into real solutions for a diverse range of people and strive for 100% satisfaction. We will continue to work with you until you truly feel empowered to take on your goals and that you have a realistic, achievable plan of action that is actually getting you there.

One to two weeks prior to your initial one-to-one consultation, you will be asked to complete and return a personal information form which will be analysed in preparation for your appointment. This means that we will already have a ‘basic’ understanding about you, your current health issues and your key health goals and nutritional priorities before you even get here. This means that we do not waste our first appointment just recording the basics, but instead we can spend this time delving deeper into your goals, preferences or the influences that may positively or negatively affect your ability to implement change.

A professional-grade Impedimed Body Composition Analyser will be available if you’d like to have your baseline body composition analysed. This state of the art technology is provided complimentary with all initial and review appointments (noting that such analysis is often valued $30-50 on it’s own elsewhere).

This baseline and subsequent analysis will allow us to see your body composition change overtime as basic measurements or BMI/weight alone (as undertaken in many other dietary clinics) is a poor measure of body composition at the individual level and does not at all accurately reflect change in body fat, water or muscle. For many, seeing their ‘weight’ stagnate despite a high level of commitment to improving dietary intake and increasing physical activity can be very demoralising and it may not truly reflect whether positive changes to their health and bodies are really occurring. Professional, high-quality monitoring is to much more useful in determining whether your action plan is right for you or whether trialing a different approach is may be more worthwhile.

You will leave this first appointment with a 20-30 page general nutritional manual for your life stage (authored by Life Nutrition), your baseline body composition as well as other printed information, links or resources that maybe relevant to your health issues and the key nutritional and behavioural strategies that we have developed with you. What level of communication via our online portal or frequency of subsequent appointments or body composition monitoring that you’d like to have with Life Nutrition after this initial appointment is entirely up to you.

Some clients may find that just one or two appointments are sufficient to re-energise the way they approach their diet and health or to gain the nutritional education they require on a specific health issue. However, just as seeing a personal trainer only once or twice won’t suddenly transform you from a ‘regular Joe’ into a muscle bound athlete – research shows that most people looking for long-term change will benefit far more from the continued nutritional education, guidance and support that regular or periodic appointments with a qualified professional will provide.

Group bookings

Progress in improving your own nutritional intake and changing your lifestyle can be hugely positively or negatively impacted by your environment and by the people in your family, work or friendship group. We very much encourage couple or family appointments so that everybody can be on the ‘same’ page and so that strategies can be devised or compromises sought between parties – especially those who live and eat together. Such appointments can however, take longer conduct than individual appointments, particularly if there are multiple people requiring body composition analysis and as your needs and issues maybe diverse or complicated. It is for this reason that we allow 20minutes and $40 extra per person on a group booking.

We can also design specific packages to present information or come to discussions at mother’s, sporting, school or community groups, or workplaces. The rates for these are negotiable and would depend on the number of people expected, the preperation, resources and time required for the presentation and so therefore have to be quoted individually – please do not hesitate to contact Life Nutrition for a free no-obligation quote. We can provide nutritional education and guidance on a range of topics including:

  • What is the appropriate intake of food for your age-group, gender and activity level
  • Barriers to good eating and healthy habits
  • How to read a label and what to look out for in ascertaining appropriate levels of fats, fibre, protein, salts and sugars
  • Weight loss diets – pros and cons of common diets including calorie counting and common mistakes people make with diet apps.
  • Addressing suspected vitamin/mineral deficiencies and the evidence behind vitamin/mineral supplementation
  • Food sustainability
  • Nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Sports nutrition – pre/post workout dietary strategies to maximize performance, hydration, protein requirements and the current evidence on sports supplements.
  • Myth-busting and addressing specific concerns, sources of confusion or questions on current dietary fashions or superfoods
  • Introduce your employees to valuable online resources where they can seek further information on healthy eating so that they bypass the ‘health gurus’ and receive genuine, reliable advice.

‘Healthy Choices’ Supermarket Tours

At Life Nutrition, we totally understand that for most families, spending hours shopping or cooking each night is simply not an option and this is reflected in the astronomical and rising rates of processed food consumption. Additionally, there is a lot of deliberate manipulation of product positioning, packaging, health claims and labeling – usually to encourage purchases that are not very beneficial for you from a nutritional perspective.

Therefore, we see a real need for people to understand how supermarkets and marketing in general works, how to read a label, what aisles, products or health claims to be wary of, what does the star rating mean or what you should be looking for in a product etc. ‘Healthy Choices’ Supermarket Tours will last between 1.5-2 hours and will discuss all of the above issues as well as other aspects of grocery shopping such sustainability, how to choose the best fruit and vegetables and how to reduce wastage. During the tour, we can also discuss your specific health concerns and goals and review the products you normally chose for suitability and suggest alternatives that may be more nutritious for you.

All participants receive a 30+page, self-authored manual that contains key information and further reading on a range of topics, so that you can reinforce what we discuss during the tour and further your nutritional education after the tour has finished.

Bookings and cancellation policy

In order for Life Nutrition to offer and maintain our low, competitive prices, we have a clear booking and cancellation policy. By booking an appointment with Life Nutrition, you agree to comply with this booking and cancellation policy.

Cancellations, Late Arrival and Failure to Attend – We understand that circumstances can arise where you are unable to keep your appointment and that rescheduling an appointment will sometimes be required. However, appointments cancelled with short or no notice and late arrivals disrupt service for other clients as well as for our business operations.

Appointment reminders will be sent via text or email prior to your appointment and if it is a late cancellation, you are requested to please call Carla on 0438 100 631 by 2:00 p.m. on the business day prior to your scheduled appointment to notify us of any changes or cancellations. If such prior notification is not given, you will be charged 50% of your session’s value for the missed appointment. Only at our discretion may this cancellation fee be waived.

If you are late to an appointment, we will attempt to extend your appointment time as scheduling permits, but this may not always be possible and your appointment time maybe shortened without any adjustment to the consultation fee. At our discretion, we may extend future appointments to regain the lost time.

Keeping to our scheduled times is the only way we can continue to offer our quality service on a fair basis to all clients.