My name is Carla Valmorbida, and I head up Life Nutrition. My face

When my two girls were in their early infancy, I realized that returning to my previous career as an engineer in the construction industry was both impractical from a family-balance point of view, and that essentially, my heart was no longer in it.

This realization, and wanting to provide my girls with the best nutritional start possible, also coincided with some unfortunate health issues in my late 20’s and my long-standing hobby in nutrition, health and fitness was transformed into a meaningful passion.

I hold a Master of Human Nutrition – First class honours with Deakin University so I am fully qualified to deal with all your nutritional concerns, having undertaken  a wide-range of specific, dedicated study and research into all the life stages and both genders.

Life Nutrition’s core belief is that a healthy diet has to be compatible with your lifestyle and that it is very achievable through consumption of a variety of natural, whole foods and through minimizing your intake of processed foods. Exotic, expensive ‘superfoods’, shakes, detoxes, supplements or pills are unnecessary and can often be harmful.

My personal commitment to you is that Life Nutrition has absolutely no affiliation with any supplement companies, we don’t peddle fad diets, sell false hope and you will also never be subject to advertising while on our site.

All of our clients receive quality, individualized nutritional and behavioral advice and action plans suitable for their particular lifestyle or nutritional concerns as well as an invaluable 20-30 page general-reference manual relevant to their life stage, authored by Life Nutrition.

We also have a state of the art Impedimed body composition analyzer available to help ascertain your body composition changes over time, allowing insight into how our advice may evolve over time and be best-tailored to you to maximize long-term results.

So thank you very much for taking the time to visit the Life Nutrition website and I hope the information provided here will enrich your nutritional knowledge and empower you to make dietary improvements and positive lifestyle changes.